Wij maken veel voor minecraft. Zo zijn er verschijdene plugins voor spigot/bukkit van ons beschikbaar. Daarnaast maken we ook mods; zoals More Armor en de Nether Expansion mod. Dit doen wij niet alleen voor onzelf. Wil jij dat wij iets voor jou maken voor Minecraft? Neem dan contact met ons op! Wat is BannerBoard? BannerBoard uses maps to render images in your server as banners. BannerBoard banners are dynamically rendered when a player logs in. Thank donators or encourage new players to visit your shop? It's possible! The possibilities are endless and BannerBoard is easy to use with its powerful and user friendly configuration. The rendered images are 128 x 128 pixels per block, that’s a higher quality than most resource packs are! Lightweight Performance is of great importance to every server owner, this plugin was made with that in mind. Not only does the image rendering happen entirely on separated threads, but the BannerBoard color picking system is more than twenty times faster than the built in Spigot color picking system. Bezoek Fruit Spigot adds basic functionality to your Minecraft Bukkit/Spigot server! It includes command like /spawn, /back, /home. Spleef! Also included in the Fruit Spigot plugin is Spleef! Spleef is a very old minigame where the goal is to mine the floor away uder your opponents feet. The one remaining wins the game! It has easy configuration through a WorldGuard hook wich easily lets you set the arena's settings! It uses all the best features from Spigot for clickable links so starting and joining a game is as simple as clicking a link! More Armor is a fairly simple mod for Minecraft that allow users to create armor, tools, and weapons from all the different ores found in Minecraft. It also adds 'Powered Redstone' which is not yet finished but aims to add more use to the mod. For now it' just a fun project to expand your Minecraft experience a little. Bezoek

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